Dream World Robotics is a Robotics Learning Center in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur area. We are passionate on providing robotics lessons as we believe every individual especially kids could nurture their creativity, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and leadership thru the practices during our robotics class Setapak KL. Currently, area we serve are Setapak, Gombak, Sentul, Wangsa Maju, Pekeliling, Titiwangsa, Sri Rampai, Jalan Genting Klang and Danau Kota. We wishes Dream World Robotics Class Setapak KL could help you to nurture all the valuable learning abilities to your kids or children.

While you are searching the best Robotics Learning Center for you or your children, please consider the benefits of becoming Dream World Robotics Class Setapak KL student and find out why we are your only choice for Robotics Class or lesson in Setapak. Kuala Lumpur!

12 Benefits of Becoming Dream World Robotics Class Setapak KL Student



We are located at Diamond Square Business Centre, Setapak. Just 15 minutes from anywhere in Kuala Lumpur and it nears all the dining and shopping centres, such as PV128, Setapak Sentral Shopping Mall, etc.


One Stop Location

This saves our students time and money as your kids can easily have our robotics lessons, classes or workshop with all the necessary robotics tools available for all levels from age 5 to 20.



We have 4 robotics teachers with either university training or engineering & computer science experience. They are dedicated to discover your kids personal abilities & help to develop your kids abilities to the maximum.


Excellence Program

We provide structured courses, captivating curriculum, and personal guidance for every students in the process of learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). As a result, they will gain valuable skills like teamwork. project management, problem solving and critical thinking skills.


1 Student 1 Set

Learning in our robotic center, every students is provided a personal robotics set during class. This will provide more rooms for your kids to learn independently and solve problem without relying on others. As a result, your kids will be trained to be more self directed learning.



Every month and every year end your kids have the options of participating in our annually in-house (national) competition or monthly international competition host by our headquarter Robotis Korea. We encourage our students to take part as it serves as an exploration for the kids.


Free Trial Class

Our Robotics Center mission is to discover the potential and ability of your kids and develop their ability to the maximum. With this mission in mind, our robotics center provides Free Trial Robotics Class to all the new students before they start as a usual process to find out more of the student’s ability.


No Hidden Fees

In order to encourage more students to explore in Robotics class more easily, we designedan offer where there is no hidden fees. Learning in Dream World Robotics Center Setapak KL, We do not charge Registration Fee, Deposit & Admin Fee.


Teaching Centre

Our Robotics Learning Centre are stocked with everything you need for lessons including motors, sensors, controller, parts and more. Even best to every student’s learning pace, each students is given a personal set of robotics tools during class.



Monday through Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm. We are ensure our flexible hours which allow us to schedule lessons hours that work best for you and your kids timetable!



Instead of waiting in a retail store or someone’s home or shopping mall, our clients enjoy a comfortable lobby with reading materials and cubicles for studying. We also provide free WiFi and candy.


Watch Them Learn

We have a leadership gathering in every 6 months, where your kids are required to present their robotics project to their parents.

Many existing robotics classes focus solely on teaching students how to assemble robots, which mainly for competition and activity, but Dream World Robotics Class Setapak KL teaches much more than just robot assemble.

WE provide structured courses, captivating curriculum, and personal guidance for children from 5 years old and above, ensuring them a brighter future tomorrow.

In our robotics class, your kids will learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), they not only build and design their own robot (one student one set robot), they will gain valuable skills like teamwork. project management, problem solving and other practical skills.

Dream World Robotics Class Setapak KL teaches elementary school kids knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics through the use of the educational robot kit named ROBOTIS Play, Dream, STEM, MINI & BIOLOID. Our Robotics for Kids Class is developed with mind-on scientific education and hands-on creativity in mind.