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Dream World Robotics Camp Masterpiece (May 19) – The Vehicle World City

Dream World Robotics Camp_The Vehicle World

Wow! The final city setup of The Vehicle World is done. It is incredible nice and modern. The whole city is designed like a well pre-planned township, where there are place to play, eat, learn and work. There a all brainstormed and prepared by our lovely children. I would said it is well expressed like […]

The Vehicle World Camp Day 2

Dream world Robotics The Vehicle World Camp Day 1

What a sweating day for all the little engineers on this second day of The Vehicle World Robotics Camp held in Dream World Robotics Setapak KL (https://dreamworldrobotics.com/). It is an incredible experience for exploring Royal Selangor Factory’s Production Line It really opens up everyone eyes on how a fine pewter products undergo a systematic production […]

The Giant Hungry Robot

giant hungry robot

Today, I come across a youtube video clip. It is really interesting that now we can make a robot from scratch with house hold tools. This robot is named The Giant Hungry Robot, which is a trash can. Whenever you throw anything on to his basket, it will eat them, really funny. But the more […]