Thank You Note to YOU

Thank you very much for supporting us on our AVENGERS SERIES Scratch Coding Workshop. We wish your kids would like this special tailored-designed program on coding. If you are trying on your own, here is the resources that you may need for your assignments on each chapters. We hope all these resources may help you along the way. Kindly refer to the resources below by clicking on the link. Thank you very much.


Resources for TFA Captain America – Module 1

Click on the link below to download all the files.

Chapter 4 – An Attractive Cover Page efiles

Chapter 5 – The Body Story Animation efiles

Chapter 6 – How to Build a Start Button efiles

Chapter 7 – Let’s Build Your Own Game efiles

Chapter 8 – The Winning & Losing Scenes efiles

Chapter 9 – Animate The Ending Story efiles

Chapter 10 – The Ending Credit Page efiles


Thank you very much for your supports.


Our Others Modules for this Series

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