Learning The Application of Science. Tech. Engineering. Math

Robotics Course for Kids Setapak KL for 12+, ROBOTIS STEM is a scalable systematically organized 2 levels in 2 kits to learn to apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics in secondary education from 16 robots. In this detailed and advance robotics parts, such as precise motors and multiple channel controller, your kids are required to carries out innovative projects and challenges. In this level, your kids are more focus on application of the basic they learnt Dream Sets. As a summary, your kids will gain more understanding of applied science and ICT/software programming.

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1. Improve your kids understanding of the application of S.T.E.M

Since your kids will go thru the process of building 16 robotics projects in this level (Robotics Course for Kids Setapak KL 10+), they will expose to various type of application of engineering structural, science, technology device and applied mathematics and physic thru programming. In other words, Robotics Course For Kids 10+ helps your kids understand not only the principle of science, but also learn to apply S.T.E.M such as speed and force, principle of a leverage, elasticity and inertia, which is frequently applied around our life. This course is designed in such as way where each robotics project stimulate a real world example of STEM application in current engineering, industrial and commercial world. As a result, this will benefits your kids in their future academic and working experience especially in science, technology & engineering, mathematics and programming subjects.

2. Improve your kids creativity thru expanding understanding of device

Further, in this level of learning (Robotics Course For Kids Setapak KL 10+), your kids are exposed to complicated and precise assembly parts, and technology device such as motors, servo motors, sensors, multi channel processor & controller, etc. These various and precise assembly parts and devices are designed in a way to provide more rooms for your kids to explore more in their imagination and creativity on creating advance robots that has meaningful functions. Its all happen until your kids expose to understand the application of those devices. In this level, your kids will be encourage study and apply the given parts and device to design and create advance robots with meaningful functions thru projects given. As a result, It is exciting and interesting to every kids when their knowledge and experience has reached a level that could invent machine that give value to current market place. With all the application of devices and challenges along the way, your kids creativity and imagination will be boosted to the highest.

3. Improve your kids problem solving skills thru logical and critical thinking

Beside assembling the robots in this level (Robotics Course for Kids Setapak KL 10+), your kids will be guided to make those robots to move accordingly with real world stimulus programming (not kids type, click and drop). There will be a lot of issues occurs before the robot operates as planned. In this stage, your kids will be guided to carry out precise and practical trouble shooting skill and problem solving skill to solve the problems, especially in robot structural and programming. Your kids will be introduced to cause & effects, 5 Whys, 4M problem solving models. With all these practical training on problem solving, your kids logical thinking and critical thinking is sharpened along the process. This is a valuable capabilities that you could invest in your kids for tomorrow world.

4. Improve your kids confidence, leadership skills and team working experiences

Beside building the robots in this level (Robotics Course for Kids Setapak KL 10+), your kids will expose to in house competition and international competition. Your kids will be assigned into a group and complete a specific project and need a team to complete it. In the environment, your kids will social with other kids and work together to accomplish the given mission of robotics projects. This instill leadership skill and team working mentality in your kids which is important in today’s world. Further, every kids are required to present their invention to public. When your kids found that they could create the robots (products) and present the project to other, they feel happy and motivated. It is here that your kids confidence is built up.

5. Improve your kids concentration

As a result of going thru this level, the kids will definitely improve on their concentration. It is because there are challenges in each model of robots for them to solve. And all these challenges will focus him/her to carry out the task in a proper way or else there will be issue on their robots. Thru this process, concentration is a requirement as it own to complete a functioning robot.

Is it safe for kids to learning?

Yes, our Robotics Course for Kids Setapak KL 10+ is safe for kids to learn. The robotics parts are make of harmless plastics. Kids are guide to assemble the robots with special designed rivet where sharp edges screw drawer and screws are not applicable in the assembly works. All the kids are only dealing with round edges plastic parts. Further, Robotics For Kids 8+ does not require any soldering or dangerous tools to assembly the robot. Not only that, the electric circuits are not open.