LEGO Early Simple Machines (Set A & B)

Robotics Class for Kids Setapak KL for 5+ with LEGO’s Early Simple Machines and SImple Machines are educational class that are completely manual with no electronic devices setup. It is designed to help your kids begin to understand basic real-world science concepts and the world around them. Early Simple Machines consists of a curriculum activity pack and 102 DUPLO® bricks and elements. In this level, your kids will be encouraged to take up challenges to complete all the models. With the addition of fun plastic eyes, sails, scales, and wings, Early Simple Machines lets your kids explore mechanical principles as they learn collaboration and problem-solving skills.

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Robotics for Kids Setapak KL for 5+ with ROBOTIS PLAY is the motorized re configurable and educational toy that encourages children. It is designed with colorful parts and it consists of more then 30 models of animals and dinosaurs for the kids to explore in terms of mechanical arena. In this kits, your kid’s motor skill and mechanical understanding is trained thru the fine assembling process. Further there are two sizes of pieces: Compatible DREAM (small) and the largest and easier for smaller, Big PLAY, which create more attraction to kids.

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In this attractive program – Robotics for Kids Setapak KL 5+, Kids from 5+ will learn the plus points as below:

1. Improve your kids fine motor skills

In the Robotics for Kids Setapak KL 5+, your kids will go thru the process of hands-on assembling of more than 30 models of robots. With this level of practical practices, your kids will be trained to operate their mind and hands very well.

2. Improve your kids understanding of the basic of mechanical structure

Since your kids will go thru the process of assembling 30 over models in this level (Robotics for Kids Setapak KL 5+), they will explore to various type of mechanical structure like rotation, the use of joint in rotation structure, structural linkages and etc. This will benefits them in the later level of robotics learning or their future academic especially in science and technology subjects.

3. Improve your kids creativity

Further, in this level of learning (Robotics For Kids Setapak KL 5+), your kids are exposed to different theme such as ocean animals, jungle animals and dinosaurs. These various theme is designed in a way that is attractive to kids in order to bring our their interests to learn more about the subject. Since there are over 30 models of animals in this level, your kids will boost their creativity and imagination of the real appearance of the animals.

4. Improve your kids problem solving skills

Beside assembling the robots in this level (Robotics for Kids Setapak KL 5+), they will guide to make those robots to move accordingly. Without doubt, there will be a lot of issues occurs before the robot move properly. In this stage, your kids will be guided to carry out some basic trouble shooting skill and problem solving skill to solve the problems.

5. Improve your kids concentration

As a result of going thru this level, the kids will definitely improve on their concentration. It is because there are challenges in each model of robots for them to solve. And all these challenges will focus him/her to carry out the task in a proper way or else there will be issue on their robots. Thru this process, concentration is a requirement as it own to complete a functioning robot.

Is it safe for kids to learning?

Yes, our Robotics for Kids Setapak KL 5+ is safe for kids to learn. The robotics parts are make of harmless plastics. Kids are guide to assemble the robots with special designed rivet where sharp edges screw drawer and screws are not applicable in the assembly works. All the kids are only dealing with round edges plastic parts.