Dream World Robotics Center’s Mission

There is no doubt that Dream World Robotics Center Setapak KL Malaysia is the by-product of holding on to our philosophy – “We believe that everyone of us has unlimited potential which is awaiting to be unlock. And most of these unlock potential is resides under our underlying abilities, such as self-directed learning, critical thinking, problem solving, self expression, imagination or creativity and self leadership / discipline. Thus in order to unlock ones potential to the maximum, all the above abilities need to be discover and develop as to serve as a platform to growth.”

Dream World Robotics Center Setapak KL believes that thru the learning process of robotics, our younger generation could gain hands-on experience on sharpening their abilities. In the process of assembling of robots, programming robots’s operation, trouble shooting of the robots functions, problem solving of mechanical and programming issues and designing special function of robots, your kids could add points to their critical thinking skill, logical thinking skill, observation, problem solving skill, creativity, process flow management skill, confidence and life long self directed learning habit.

Thus, assembling the most powerful robots is not really that matter most in the class, as it is the result of the passionate learning process that brings out the best within your kids. When the above abilities is unleashed along the process, good results of capable personality will follow.

Our Mission: To Inspire Confidence and Empower Change

The main purpose of Dream World Robotics Center Setapak KL Malaysia is to provide the resources, platform and methodology through Robotics learning to cultivate an enthusiasm & passionate critical thinkers, problem solvers, leaders and life long self learners. Through our experiences, by catalysing your kids’s inner abilities, your kids will have a bottom line for his own self-satisfaction on what he wants. As a result, this makes him starts looking for how he could do better or even do the best for what he is doing. Due to the force of demand, your kid’s self-confidence, self-initiative, self-discipline and responsibility are trained along the process indirectly.

As the final words on the mission of Dream World Robotics Center Setapak KL Malaysia, we are here as a supporting party to unleash the underlying abilities within your kids and cultivate them to be a better and capable person who is a critical thinker, problem solver and leaders of tomorrow through Robotics learning process that is easy and fun.