3 Days Music Holiday Camp in Setapak



Explore the Ukulele! Along with Rhythm, song, Dance & Drum during the 3 days ukulele music holiday camp in Setapak. Inspired through imagination & music curiosity.

Age: 5 & above
Duration: 3 days (10 hours)
Meal: Tea & Bread provided
Instrument: Ukulele & Drum
4 Camp Schedule Options: Camp A, B, C, D

Things To Explore during camp
Lesson 1: Basic intro of Ukulele & Tuning
Lesson 2: Basic fingering, play melody with fun song
Lesson 3: Explore to drum & rhythmic instruments
Lesson 4: Intro of strumming & chord patterns
Lesson 5: Sing along with chord strumming

During 3 days ukulele music camp in Setapak, we will sing, dance and learn some fun songs on the ukulele that you can share with all your friends. If you already play, you can learn a little lead ukulele or brush up on your chords. If you’re eager to learn, we’ll go through three simple chords that will get you started on your ukulele journey.

Things Need to Bring Along
Ukulele (must)**, stationery, colour pencil, bottle of water

Camp Schedules Options
Our 3 days (10 hours) Ukulele Music Holiday camp in Setapak has 4 schedules available as below:

UKULELE CAMP A: 30/5/2016 (MON) to 1/6/2016 (WED)
UKULELE CAMP B: 1/6/2016 (WED) to 3/6/2016 (FRI)
UKULELE CAMP C: 6/6/2016 (MON) to 8/6/2016 (WED)
UKULELE CAMP D: 8/6/2016 (WED) to 10/6/2016 (FRI)


After-Camp Performance Night
Besides learning only in the camp, the kids are allowed to perform in the coming weekend to show their efforts and what they learn during the camp. This is a very effective ways to show the results of the 3 days ukulele music holiday camp in Setapak.

Below is the Performance Night for all the Camps:


Dear Parents, If you are interested on our 3 days Ukulele Music Holiday Camp in Setapak KL Malaysia and want to booking a seat for your kid or have any concerns regarding our camp, simply fill up the form below and let us know. Our admin personnel will get back to you shortly, thank you.

Notice: We are having a 3 Full Days (20 hours) Ukulele Made Easy + STEM Robotics Holiday Camp for kids in June as well, kindly check it out here: