What Makes Learning Robotics Cultivate Excellence Individuals?

According to Sir Howard Gardner, developmental psychologist and professor of cognition and education in Harvard Graduate School of Education, there is not only one kind of intelligence but seven different intelligences. There are Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Body-kinaesthetic, Spatial, Musical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences. All of them carry a different function and work together towards one objective. That is to increase the capability of individual to creative and innovative on solving problems. All of these are valued within one or more cultural settings.

So what makes learning robotics cultivate excellence individuals, who are of value to the society?

Learning Robotics is one of the art learning processes that can develop a number of intelligence simultaneously within your kids along the learning process. Since learning robotics covers a wide range of scope along the process, from reading and learning manual of assembling procedures, counting parts, robots movement visualization and imagination, programming and hands-on assembling of robots, creativity expression thru robots designing, and team-based projects assignments, your kids are trained to be individuals with well-rounded mind with more intelligence. Intelligence that the your kids will possibly increase along the process of learning robotics is as below:

  • Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence – develop through learning and reading operation manual and concept
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence – develop through robotics programming and mathematics application
  • Body-kinaesthetic Intelligence – develop through physical activities, such as hands-on assembling of robots
  • Spatial Intelligence – develop through visualization and imagination of robotics movement
  • Interpersonal Intelligence – develop through team-based robotics projects completion
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence – develop through self-emotional expression during robotics designing
  • Musical Intelligence – at current moment, we are working on our course to relate to music as well

Out of seven intelligence, Learning robotics has the platform to develop 6 of the intelligence simultaneously. This is the underlying reason on why learning robotics can effective cultivate excellence individuals.