Math Quiz for Area & Perimeter

Dream World Robotics - Basic Area & Perimeter Maths Game1

Note about Mathematics Quiz (Mobile Game)

This is mobile game that layout the basic on how to create a quiz game of mathematics. This game puts up thousands of questions for you to practice on Basic Area and Perimeter Calculation. It has options for the basic shapes, such as circle, square, rectangle and triangle. If your kids are studying the basic of Area and Perimeter Calculation, get him to practice now. Or Try it yourself. Hope you all like it.

Instruction of the Game

This is a mobile apps and It is very easy to play. You just need to choose a Basic Shape (Circle, Square or Trianlge) for the quiz you want to practice. Then fill in your answer with the step below:

  1. Tap on the BASIC SHAPE OPTIONS (Circle, Square or Triangle)
  2. Tap on the ANSWER BUTTON and then there is a prompt out 
  3. Then fill in your answer in the prompt out
  4. And press OK.
  5. You can choose another BASIC SHAPE at any thing you want.

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Dream World Robotics - Basic Area & Perimeter Maths Game