Dream World Robotics Camp Masterpiece (May 19) – The Vehicle World City

Dream World Robotics Camp_The Vehicle World

Wow! The final city setup of The Vehicle World is done. It is incredible nice and modern.

The whole city is designed like a well pre-planned township, where there are place to play, eat, learn and work. There a all brainstormed and prepared by our lovely children. I would said it is well expressed like what we have in town. There are shops, restaurants, play grounds and school around the housing area. There are also corporate building where the older go for work. And regarding the infrastructure, there are light rail train travel around the city. It is fabulous.

Apart from that, we have variety vehicles assembled from cars to plane. The designed vehicles look alike to Pixar Cars characters as per children imagination of how cars should be in their children world. And they are designed in remote control mode, where our lovely students can move them around the city with controller. It is really an awesome works from all the participated students. Well done.

Let’s enjoy what we have in The Vehicle World City. Thank you.