STEM Outcomes for Kids

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To ensure our lessons are coached with STEM Process, we have developed a simple remind list for our teachers and facilitators. Let’s give a review the components below again:

INTENTIONAL CONNECTION – The best quality STEAM lessons intentionally connect 2 or more subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

INQUIRY BASED – To carry out STEM lesson in a good way is to encourage students to make inquiry and participate in problem solving. We have to pay close attention to the essential question and the process surrounding its exploration.

PROCESS BASED LEARNING – In STEM learning environment, there are no right or wrong answer as we are emphasizing on experience gain thru out the process and implication of concept in the subjects. So making mistakes are encouraged. And from mistake, students are encouraged to refine their course to make a better solution.

21st CENTURY SKILSS – Since STEM is process based learning foundation, Teacher must create rooms for students to involve heavily in collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication (4Cs of future skills) thru out the process instead of lecturing. Those 4Cs of 21st century skills are critical components to students success in a fast changing world in the future.

Finally, we hope our posts regarding to STEM education could provide you with some insight and basic of STEM Education. Let’s make a difference together for your children by encourage them to explore more in STEM Education.