STEM Model for Your Kids

Dream world robotics setapak kl_stem model

The learning pathway for STEM education is exciting for kids.

Firstly, It is because STEM education is an integrated approach to learning with requires an intentional connection between standards, assessments and lesson design or implementation. Thru the integration of standard, assessment and implementation, children will be much more easy to relate lessons that are introduced to them with minds-on and hands-on activities. In deed, children will have much more confidence during their assessments which is seamlessly related to their experience on the introduced lessons.

Secondly, True STEM experiences involve two or more subjects from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to be taught together. This will bring more fun and create room for children to imagine and explore the inter-relation of both or more core subjects in those discussed topic on STEM activities.

Thirdly, Since STEM education focuses on minds-on and hands-on real-life implication, inquiry and collaboration between children is encouraged. So the focus of this open learning environment will be on the process based learning where interpersonal skill is given a room to be nurtured among children. Instead of the  single direction teaching method in the traditional education. Process based learning is the heart of STEM education and learning become fun and easy.

What will you prefer, a process-based learning or a result-oriented learning? Which one do you think your kids will learning more faster and easier?