Who benefits from STEM?

Dream World Robotics Setapak KL STEM Education for kids

STEM education equips our new generation – children, with capabilities to handle the fast changing future world of technology.

As the world is moving more faster than ever in this information-based century, STEM education is becoming more critical to nurture our new generation to be the future world leaders with required-future skills sets or capabilities. If STEM education is not improved, the capabilities of our new generation will continue to fall and not coping with the fast moving pace of all those status quo breaking technologies that are happening in high tech country.

As a result, STEM education in school is getting important to spark an interest or passion in pursuing a STEM career in students, especially children. However, teachers are only the only ones that carry the whole burden of promoting STEM education. Parents also play a important role on encouraging their children to participate in STEM activities and increase awareness and interest at home and in extracurricular activities of the merits of STEM education.

Parents and educators play an important role to encourage STEM education to children in school and in home.

In order to create more opportunities to explore the children with STEM education, programs outside of school can help children to see that STEM is more than just a classroom subjects that is needed to complete. Having activities outside school that show real-life implication of STEM can pull together the ideas presented in school and help to show how they benefits our society or even our world.

In other words, STEM education connects real-life implication with school lessons for children to experience.

With hands-on experiences, our children can see that what they are learning now is related to their future. As we all knows that creating an interest often lacking when learning new concepts that do not seem to carry real-world application. So let’s make a different for our new generation today by exploring our children with STEM education, such as Robotics for kids that offers suite of STEM enrichment activities for children ages 4 to 16.

Dear parents, do you think it is time to explore your children to STEM education? Try to imagine 30 years later, how our future world will be like? And how our children going to handle this new new world?

Next, we will explore more into how STEM model open up our children learning experiences.