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The Vehicle World Camp Day 3

Dream World Robotics Camp_The Vehicle World

This is the third day of The Vehicle World Robotics Camp held in Dream World Robotics Setapak KL. Today every little engineers are inspired to push their project for completion. They are very happy to quickly complete their project and excited to present their project in front of camera. It is awesome that all kids […]

The Vehicle World Camp Day 2

Dream world Robotics The Vehicle World Camp Day 1

What a sweating day for all the little engineers on this second day of The Vehicle World Robotics Camp held in Dream World Robotics Setapak KL ( It is an incredible experience for exploring Royal Selangor Factory’s Production Line It really opens up everyone eyes on how a fine pewter products undergo a systematic production […]

The Vehicle World Camp Day 1

Dream world Robotics The Vehicle World Camp Day 1

What a fun and exciting day with a group of children and build robots together in our Robotics Camp, themed The Vehicle World. Today is just the first day, but the climax is already hit and incredible with all the children. What will be in the next day? Stay tuned, we will keep you updated. […]

How STEM Process help?

Dream World Robotics STEM Process

In previous posts, we have explored the foundation of What is STEM, STEM importance, STEM could benefits our next generation and its model. Today we are going to find out how to carry our STEM process that could really help your children. Before we dive into this topic, let’s review the core belief of STEM. […]

The Dream Makers Project 1 – Episode 1 Preview

Dream World Robotics Setapak KL the Dream Makers Channel - Steve Jobs & Macintosh

Hi everyone, This is our preview video for The Dream Makers Project 1 – Steve Jobs & Mac, Episode 1. You may enjoy our full episode soon. 

The Dream Makers Project 1 – Steve Jobs & Mac

Dream world robotics Setapak KL_steve Jobs robot

Hi everyone, We are glad to introduce our first project of The Dream Makers Channel – Steve Jobs & Mac. It was really and inspiring and fun sessions with our lovely students to build these robots from scratch and real time. We will post the real man show process from zero to completion. Stay in […]

The Dream Makers Channel

Dream World Roborics Setapak KL The-Dream-Makers-Logo

Dear parents and robot lovers, Today we are launching our inspiring robotics channel – The Dream Makers. It is a real man show of our hand picked students for build robots from scratch. Stay tune. Our first project is coming soon.

STEM Model for Your Kids

Dream world robotics setapak kl_stem model

The learning pathway for STEM education is exciting for kids. Firstly, It is because STEM education is an integrated approach to learning with requires an intentional connection between standards, assessments and lesson design or implementation. Thru the integration of standard, assessment and implementation, children will be much more easy to relate lessons that are introduced […]

Who benefits from STEM?

Dream World Robotics Setapak KL STEM Education for kids

STEM education equips our new generation – children, with capabilities to handle the fast changing future world of technology. As the world is moving more faster than ever in this information-based century, STEM education is becoming more critical to nurture our new generation to be the future world leaders with required-future skills sets or capabilities. […]

Why is STEM important?

dream world robotics stem-education

In previous post, we have talked about what is STEM. Just for revise, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Nowadays, STEM is getting more important than before, as it involves every part of our lives. As you look around your home, Science is everywhere and every corner of your home. And when you […]

The Giant Hungry Robot

giant hungry robot

Today, I come across a youtube video clip. It is really interesting that now we can make a robot from scratch with house hold tools. This robot is named The Giant Hungry Robot, which is a trash can. Whenever you throw anything on to his basket, it will eat them, really funny. But the more […]

What is STEM Education?

Dream World Robotics STEM education Setapak KL. Science Technology Engineering Mathematics.

STEM is an educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, engineering and mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risk, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders […]