2016 Year End School Holdiay Robotics Camp
2 FULL Days Robotics Camp in Setapak 

Our Theme of this camp: Jurassic Park & Disney Park

Click Here For Full Details of JURASSIC PARK Camp (Nice Photos & Video)

Build Robots. Build Friendships. Build Confidence!
This coming School Holiday Robotics Camp in Setapak themed – Robot Land for your kids to explore into the real world of STEM. Your kids will be encourage to build & program their robots according to Robot Land Specific. Thru our fun & hands-on projects, we ensure that child’s creative juices flows in these 2 days.

Theme : Jurassic Park & Disney Park
Age : 5 & above
Duration : 2 FULL days (16 hours)
Time: 9am – 5pm
Meal : Tea-Break & Lunch provided
Robotics Set : Robotics Bug Set is given FREE
2 Options : Camp 1 (01 Dec – 02 Dec) & Camp 2 (08 Dec – 09 Dec)

Things To Explore during Camp
Lesson 1: Intro of Simple Machine Concept 1 – Gear
Lesson 2: Intro of Simple Machine Concept 2 – Piston
Lesson 3: Explore the robot programming structure
Lesson 4: Learn Programming Function – If Else
Lesson 5: Learn Programming Function – Looping
Lesson 6: Work in team to plan & build Robot Land

Things Need to Bring Along
Stationery, colour pencil, bottle of water

Camp Schedules Options
Our 2 FULL days (16 hours) Robotics Holiday Camp in Setapak has 2 schedules available as below:

SCHOOL HOLIDAY ROBOTICS CAMP 1: 01/12/2016 (THUR) to 02/12/2016 (FRI)
SCHOOL HOLIDAY ROBOTICS CAMP 2: 08/12/2016 (THUR) to 09/12/2016 (FRI)

Challenging Robotics Competition During Camp
Besides learning concept of robotics in the camp, the kids are encouraged to take part in our special design robotics games to apply everything that they learnt in those 2 days robotics holiday camp in setapak. Your kid will be teamed up in a group for completing specific robotics tasks, where he or she will learn by experience of how the application of science, technology, engineering and math are about. Further, your kid will learn about team building and team working with others as all games are in group form.

Our Gallery – Theme: Jurassic Park & Disney Park

Click Here For Full Details of JURASSIC PARK Camp (Nice Photos & Video)